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All About Our Bracelets

What Your Bracelet Will Be Made Of

Some items are strictly fun and decorative. However, if you believe in the (alleged) power of bone, gemstones, horn, copper, even different woods, the my (higher end) bracelets may offer therapeutic benefits too. Here is a sampling of some of the gemstones.

Bead Material

  • Picture Jasper – Has a deep connection to the earth, holy power.
  • Goldstone – higher states of consciousness
  • Blue Goldstone – The Stone of Ambition and positive power
  • Tiger Eye – Powerful and motivating energy
  • Bold Stone – associated with success
  • Roze Quarts – unconditional love and positivity
  • Bamboo Coral – Powerful life energy
  • Sodalite – Healing/peace/Energy of Angles
  • Opalite – Known as the merchant stone, therefore, this gem helps achieve business success
  • African Jasper – “Supreme Nurturer” encouragement of growth

Sizing For Your Bracelet

Size?….In inches, what is the circumference of your wrist? (Remember, when measuring, not to lose, nor too tight.)

Putting Your Bracelet On

ROLL ROLL ROLL…ROLL your “HBB” bracelet on! NEVER yank on handmade art. ROLL!

Wearing Your Bracelet

Discount!…”HBB” bracelets are not made for everyday use. They can’t survive. After all, it’s a piece of art. Sooo wear your “HBB” on special occasions or take advantage of our (substantial) discount policy and own one for every day of the week. ($125 gets you a set of seven, not five!!!)